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Training for First Time leaders at Young Life Camp.

What Young Life camp is this?

What Young Life camp is this?

Are you going to Young Life Camp as a leader for the first time this summer? Welcome to one of the best experiences of your life. It is a privilege and honor to take kids to Young Life Camp as leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity!

8 Ideas for first time leaders at Young Life Camp.

  1. Pray like crazy. No one else in the lives of your kids you are taking to Young Life Camp this summer may be praying for them. You might be the only person who is praying for your kids. Their place in God’s kingdom is hanging in the balance. This should drive us to pray for kids even more. Pray like their salvation depends on it.
  2. Get some rest. If you do Young Life Camp right as a leader, you will be exhausted by the end of the week. If you need to sneak away for a quick nap during the week or some down time, do so. A rested leader is a better leader.
  3. Think like a leader, not a camper. If you went to Young Life Camp as a camper, you know how amazing and life changing a week of Young Life Camp can be. One of the biggest shifts for younger Young Life leaders at Camp, is to move away from their own camp experience to be solely focused on the experience of the kids you are taking to Young Life Camp.
  4. Ask Questions. The are no dumb questions. The only dumb questions are the one you don’t ask. Almost every part of Young Life Camping is done on purpose and has a reason behind it. If you don’t know why we are doing something at Young Life Camp, ask someone. This will help create a bigger picture for the week of camp for you and your kids.
  5. Bring extras. Bring extra clothes, extra food, extra bug spray, extra gum, extra medicine, etc. There is a huge chance kids will ask for it. If you bring extra stuff, when kids ask for it and they will, you will have it on hand and won’t have to go hunt it down.
  6. Go hard at camp. Don’t miss the opportunity God has presented to you for being a leader at camp. You or another leader, spent countless hours getting kids in your cabin to camp. We owe it to them to spend as much time with kids at camp as you can. You should be exhausted by the end of the week. Free time is free for kids, but not for you. Use free time with your kids to build relationship.
  7. Know and articulate your own testimony with excellence. One of the most powerful tools for the Gospel is our own testimony. Why is it so powerful? Because, Jesus has captured our hearts and transformed our lives. Jesus wants us to share our own story. If kids ask about your own testimony, don’t you want to be able to share it with excellence? If you can excellently articulate your own testimony in 2-3 minutes, with joy and excitement, you have created a powerful tool.
  8. Have a plan for what happens after Camp, before you get home. When you get off the bus you will be greeted by friends and family that miss you. You can let days or even weeks go by without interacting with the kids you spent so much time and energy building relationships with at camp. If you have a plan for follow up and interaction before you leave for camp, you have accountability for after camp. Also, make sure to communicate your plan to your family & friends.

Jesus is proclaimed in ALL we do in Young Life Camping.

Young Life Camping is laser focused on one outcome, to present Jesus to the best of our ability to lost or disinterested kids. From the camp staff & volunteers to the camp program & speaker to other kids and/or leaders in your cabin, we are proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ during a week of Young Life Camp to kids.

As leaders at Young Life camp, kids will respond to what we do as much as what we say. Kids are watching you at summer camp. Jesus will use you to speak the love He has for them into kid’s lives. It maters on what we do and how we portray Jesus with our actions at summer camp.

What advice would you give to first time Young Life leaders at camp?  Leave a comment!