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Young Life Hollywood Game Night Club.

YL Hollywood Game Night Logo

Our Young Life area recently did a version of Hollywood Game Night for Club.  If you have not seen the TV show Hollywood Game Night, there are two teams, each team has a common person and three celebrities.  They play games to earn points.  At the end, someone wins big money.  The games are great for Young Life Club and are easy to use.

Club outline for the night:

  • Pre Club
  • Mixer – Celebrity Couple Mixer (Game Description – Everyone gets a piece of paper with a celebrity on it.  Put tape on them before Club.  They put it on their forehead.  When the music starts they have to go to other people, ask yes and no questions, to try to find who their celebrity is.  When they do, then they have to go and find the other part of their celebrity couple.  Prizes for the first few teams.)
  • 2 Fast Songs
  • Minute – Timeline (Game Description – Bring two teams of four up, four guys and four girls.  Have the celebrities turned around and not in the right order.  Flip them around.  They have 100 seconds to try to put them in the correct order from youngest to oldest.)
    • Guys – NBA stars
    • Girls – Actresses
  • Video – Hasgtags #2
  • Minute – One Word Clues in Slides (Game Description – Bring two teams of four up, mixed guys and girls.  Split them into two teams.  One person will guess as the three other people on their team can only share one word at a time to have the person guessing.  Make sure to that the guesser has their back to the screen.)
  • Video – History of Hip Hop dancing
  • Minute – Guess the Song in Slides (Game Description – Bring two teams of four up, mixed guys and girls. Split them into two teams.  Have one person put from each team, put in earbuds with white noise playing, and noise canceling head phones over the ear buds.  A song will play and the person will have to guess the song title as their team acts out the song title in charades.)
  • Video – Summer Camp Promo Video 
  • 2 Slow Songs/Content Songs 
  • Club Talk 


Here are things that are pre made for you to download to make Club great!

If you decide to do this for Club, leave a comment and let me know how it goes.  Or share what you want to see!