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Young Life camp Day 7 to starting the fall.

Have you gone to Young Life camp as a leader already this summer?  Are you connected to your kids after camp?  Do you need some help reconnecting with Young Life kids after camp?

Are still going to camp in the future this summer as a leader?  How should you construct a Day 7 area meeting at Young Life camp?  How do you bring the moment from a week of Young Life camp to starting the fall?

This is my video conversation with Brian Summerall from Ministry Strategy and we tackle these specific subjects on bring the moment and vision of Young Life camp home to Young Life Club in the fall.  Brian travels all over the world training Young Life leaders and staff.  Take sometime to watch the video.  It will be well worth your time!

Brian talks about:

  • Your Young Life area meeting on Day 7 of camp.
  • Bring Young Life camp momentum home to your own Young Life Club back home.
  • Create and cast a vision to have kids help own the Young Life ministry back home.
  • What your schedule and pre-Club schedule for the fall should be.
  • If you went to camp already and did not get an opportunity to do this, Brian gives you some step to start with.

If you have questions around this subject or other subjects with Young Life, we are here to help.  Leave a comment.

Young Life Hollywood Game Night Club.

YL Hollywood Game Night Logo

Our Young Life area recently did a version of Hollywood Game Night for Club.  If you have not seen the TV show Hollywood Game Night, there are two teams, each team has a common person and three celebrities.  They play games to earn points.  At the end, someone wins big money.  The games are great for Young Life Club and are easy to use.

Club outline for the night:

  • Pre Club
  • Mixer – Celebrity Couple Mixer (Game Description – Everyone gets a piece of paper with a celebrity on it.  Put tape on them before Club.  They put it on their forehead.  When the music starts they have to go to other people, ask yes and no questions, to try to find who their celebrity is.  When they do, then they have to go and find the other part of their celebrity couple.  Prizes for the first few teams.)
  • 2 Fast Songs
  • Minute – Timeline (Game Description – Bring two teams of four up, four guys and four girls.  Have the celebrities turned around and not in the right order.  Flip them around.  They have 100 seconds to try to put them in the correct order from youngest to oldest.)
    • Guys – NBA stars
    • Girls – Actresses
  • Video – Hasgtags #2
  • Minute – One Word Clues in Slides (Game Description – Bring two teams of four up, mixed guys and girls.  Split them into two teams.  One person will guess as the three other people on their team can only share one word at a time to have the person guessing.  Make sure to that the guesser has their back to the screen.)
  • Video – History of Hip Hop dancing
  • Minute – Guess the Song in Slides (Game Description – Bring two teams of four up, mixed guys and girls. Split them into two teams.  Have one person put from each team, put in earbuds with white noise playing, and noise canceling head phones over the ear buds.  A song will play and the person will have to guess the song title as their team acts out the song title in charades.)
  • Video – Summer Camp Promo Video 
  • 2 Slow Songs/Content Songs 
  • Club Talk 


Here are things that are pre made for you to download to make Club great!

If you decide to do this for Club, leave a comment and let me know how it goes.  Or share what you want to see!


Music streaming services for your Young Life Club.

Music Streaming

With the launch of iOS 7, Apple released iTunes radio. For those of you who do not know, iTunes Radio is a music service designed by Apple. iTunes Radio uses your current iTunes purchases along with previous iTunes purchases to suggest music you might like to listen to or purchase from the iTunes store. iTunes Radio is all about giving you a chance to discover and purchase more music from iTunes.

As an iOS Power User, you most likely will use iTunes Radio. It is built into iOS 7 and it is free to use. You can’t get much better than that. iTunes Radio lives in your music app on your iOS device. Once you install iOS 7 on your device, when you open your music app, iTunes Radio will be the first thing that comes up.

What if I don’t want iTunes Radio?

  • If you don’t want iTunes Radio on your iOS device, you can hide it on the iPhone, but you can not delete it.
  • Here is how to hide iTunes Radio: Click on your Music app on your iOS Device.
  • Click on the More button on the bottom right.
  • Click on any other red or highlighted icon and drag it over to where Radio is on the bottom.
  • It is most likely in the bottom left as this appears to the default area for iTunes Radio in iOS 7.
  • The two icons should switch on your iOS device. Your Radio icon should be under More in your music app and the item you switched with it should be an icon on the bottom of your Music app panel.

Alternatives to iTunes Radio.

There have been music services on the web ever since the launch of the internet. Pandora is the closest competitor to iTunes Radio. Pandora, like iTunes Radio, is free but there is an option to have a paid Pandora subscription. A few other big players out there are Rdio, Spotify, SoundCloud and Rhapsody.

Should you pay for a Music Subscription?

Although there are many free music services, there are also many paid music services. For most people, a free music service is just fine. However for some people a free music service is not enough and you may be one of those people.

People who should have a paid music subscription:

  • If you are a music lover. If you care about the sound quality of streaming music.  Most free music services have lower quality audio than paid music subscriptions.
  • If you hate ads. All free music services have ads. If you do not want to deal with ads go with a paid subscription to eliminate them.
  • If you want to control what you listen to and when you listen to it. All free music subscriptions have an algorithm that gives you songs or artists based on other songs or artists that you already like. With free music subscriptions you cannot pick specific artists or songs to play anytime you want to play them.
  • If you are using music for more than personal listening. If you use music in your job or presentations, you will want a music service subscription. You will want to have complete control of your music subscription and a paid music subscription allows you to do just that.

What is missing from this list?  Leave a comment!

Tips & Tricks for leaders giving their first Young Life Club talks.

145027_logoGiving your first Young Life Club talk can be a scary thing.  I have seen people giving their first Young Life Club talk be excellent or be bad.  But, if you follow the steps below, you can have the confidence to deliver your first Club talk in an excellent way.

Go back to the basics.

Review why we give Young Life Club talks.  Ask your team leader or Young Life staff person to go over that with you again or look through your leader training materials.  Knowing the why behind Young Life Club talks will help you in your preparation and delivery to give an excellent Club talk.

Do you know kids?

If you don’t know kids in Club, don’t give your Club talk.  Instead, spend time in building relationships with kids.  It is much easier to give a Young Life Club talk, especially for your first Club talk, to a room of kids that you know.  We are relational, not event driven.  Make sure you know kids and they know you before you give your first Young Life Club talk.

Prayer. Prayer. Prayer.

This can’t be over stated enough.  Spend a lot of time praying about your talk and see where Jesus leads you in the Scripture passage, personal story and cultural references.  Spending some good time listening to Jesus move around your talk, will give you the confidence to do an excellent job.

Get others to pray for you at the time of your Club talk.

It will give you confidence to know that a certain number of family and friends are praying for you during your first Young Life Club talk.  Remind them of the exact day and time you will be giving your talk.  Ask them to pray for specific things during the time of your Club talk.

Prepare well.

If someone took the notes out of your hand before you gave your first Club talk, could you do it from memory?  This is the level of preparation you should have for all of your Club talks, not just the first one.

Be yourself.

Don’t try to be someone else when giving your talk.  Don’t make up a story or steal a story from someone else’s life.  God created you uniquely in His image and has a plan for you in your Club talk.  If you try to be someone else, you miss out on kids connecting with the real you.

Go over it with other leaders and get feedback.

It is important for other leaders to hear your Club talk before kids hear it.  Make sure the person that you are giving it to, before you give it to kids, has given many Club talks before and can help you with your delivery and any theological issues you might have in your Club talk.

Steal concepts from great communicators.

Study, watch and listen to other great communicators about their approach and delivery.  Some of my favorites are: Andy Stanley, Judah Smith & Craig Groeschel.  You might have others.  See how they use illustrations, voice inflection, movement, etc to engage their audience.  Use some of their best delivery styles integrated with your style.

Practice your delivery.

The more you go over your Club talk, the more you know it and the better it will be delivered.  Go over your Club talk with another leader or your staff person.  Practice in the mirror or in your Club room.

Prepare early.  Leave room for the Holy Spirit to move.

If you are overly prepared early, you make room for the Holy Sprit to move.  If you are rushing to complete your talk right before you give it, you will miss out on this key step.  This is where the gems of your Young Life Club talk comes from.  This is where we see Jesus move in big ways.

What is missing from the list?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Technology resources and tricks for Young Life Club.

The use of technology has changed dramatically over the last 10 years when it comes to Young Life Club.  When you think about how much we have become mobile influenced and reliant on the internet in Young Life Club.  There are so many resources that change quickly.  How do you stay up on what people are using in from technology in Young Life Club?

Collecting Kids information.

When it comes to collecting kids information at Club, there are a bunch of different options.  Many are moving away from the traditional Club card to a mobile or internet option.

  • Use a Google Form on a smart phone or tablet.  It easy to set up.  All members on your team can see the info.  I also like that the registration is time stamped, so you know who registered and when.
  • Check out YL Help‘s digital Club Card work flow.
  • Text to join, text message service.  Have kids text their name, cell and email to a number.  Then they are connected to a group around your Club.

What to look for in a video projector?

If you are in the market for a new video projector, think HDMI.  Only the last few years have we seen reasonably priced video projectors with HDMI.  It is the new standard.  I always go mid range pricing on a video projector.

If you are looking for a cheap and super mobile video projector, check out this one.  Thanks @CurtisAtkinson for the suggestion.

Video projector or tv monitor?

If I had the choice in a fixed Club room space, my choice would be TV monitor over video projector.  Kids are used to screens.  It is more engaging.  And with the price of large TV monitors getting cheaper each year, it has become a reality.  You can also have a TV monitor on a mobile cart, creating another resource tool.

Mobile Club room:

The main question in a mobile Club room is internet access.  If you change locations often, you might want a hotspot.  If you have set up and tear down each week, you might have access to internet.

Fixed Club room:

If you have a fixed Club room, you should have a fixed set up for visuals and audio.  If you are a Mac, iPhone or iPad user; consider setting an Apple TV to your projector or TV monitor(s) and to your sound system.  Whatever you decide to use, make sure non tech people can easily use it.

Apps & Software

Dropbox – You can set up a free account, up to 2 giga bytes of space.  Your team members can contact to the folders you share or can sign in with your Club’s username and password.  You can share all files.

Keynote – This is the best mobile presentation software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  It is now free on all new iOS devices.

Keynote Remote for iOS – You can control a Keynote presentation on your Mac or another iOS device (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch).  Here is a tutorial for just that.

Connect the Keynote Remote for iOS to your Mac or other iOS device from Dan Johnson on Vimeo.

Spotify – All of our music for skits, games, etc are in Spotify.  We have pre made playlist and are always creating more each week.

Take screen shots after Club.

I spend sometime after Club each week, looking at Twitter, Instagram and what kids text me.  I take a bunch of screen shots to use everywhere else in Young Life.  You can also encourage the people on your team with them.  They can be fuel to the fire.

What do you use for technology in Young Life Club?  Leave a comment.

Do you want more kids in your Young Life Club? Is that the wrong question?

Yes, of course we all want more kids in our Young Life Clubs. We want more kids to hear and know the love of Jesus Christ. And, Young Life Club is the perfect place for that to happen.

I am a huge fan of the Andy Stanley. He is a pastor, author and speaker. He challenges us to ask the right question. The right question is not always the most familiar question. So, we want more kids in Club. Is that the right question?

These maybe the right questions to ask, when it comes to kids in Young Life Club:

1. Are leaders building relationships with kids? If, the answer is no; there is your problem. Kids will only continue to come to Club if they have a relationship with a Young Life leader. Program will only take you so far.

2. Is your content at Club compelling to kids? Kids have so many options. Kids are entertained in more ways than ever before. We are need to have Clubs that are engage all kids. Do kids leave your Club, feeling WOWED each week?

3. Are kids being challenged in Club talks in your area? I know when we are at church and our pastor communicates something that challenges me, I want to come back and to hear & know more. Sometimes our fear to pushing kids away with our message, damages the effectiveness of our message. You need to manage the tension between speaking the truth and not pushing people away from what is being said up front.

If we say yes to these questions, will this translate into more kids in your Young Life Clubs each week?

We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment!