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9 ways to deliver an excellent Young Life Club talk.

When it comes to making Young Life Club talks excellent, the delivery of the talk is as important as the content of the talk.  I have seen many leaders have great content, but when it comes to the delivery, they fall short.  Make sure your Young Life Club talk delivers well to your audience.

How are you going to engage your audience from the start of your Club talk?

You need to have an interesting hook to engage kids into your Club talk. If you start your Club talk flat, you might have a difficult task of keeping them engaged throughout your talk. You don’t have to be the funniest person, but you can bring energy to the start of your Club talk. If this is an area that you need help in, ask others to help you.

Practice. Practice. Practice. 

If you are unprepared to deliver your Club talk, you will do a disservice to kids in your Young Life Club. You are responsible for practicing your own Club talk. If your notes were lost and you had to give your Club talk without them, could you? The proper response would be to be so practiced for your Club talk, that you could do it without any notes.

Go over your Club talk with someone else.

Your Club talk, before you present it to kids, needs to be heard by someone else that will give you honest feedback. You need to present it to an audience before you present it to your main audience. The more you do your talk in a presentation mode the better you will be. An expereinced leader on your team or your team leader would be great people to hear your Club talk before it is presented to kids.

Know your Club Talk content like the back of your hand.

The better you know your Club talk content the more comfortable you will be in presenting it to kids. The background, audience, apologetics and theology of the talk are important to know when presenting to kids. Do research around the passage. Find a great Bible commentary to use. Ask questions if you don’t understand or know what is going on in the passage of scripture.

Visualize your talk.

Picture the room, the kids in the audience, other leaders in the room, the smell and feel of the room, etc; then go through your talk in your mind or out loud with your eyes closed visualizing all these things. Think through how you want different parts of your talk to come across to kids.

Use voice inflection to control the room. 

Kids will get distracted by the simplest things. You can use inflection in your voice to talk loudly over the crowd or become soft to let the crowd lean in to hear. If you only use the same tone and volume of your voice during your Club talk, you miss out presenting the most important things. Your point(s) can come across better to kids, the more you use inflection in your vioce during a Club talk.

Know what your one thing is.

You want kids to know the one thing you are trying to communicate in your Club talk to them. If a kid goes home after Club and a parent asks them, “What did you talk about at Young Life”, you want them to share your one thing you communicated in your Club talk. Also, weave your one thing throughout your talk. The more times you can hit on it the better your Club talk will be. Also, you can use your one thing statement to be the transitions in your Club talk from part to part.

Deliver your Club talk with Joy. 

I have seen too many Club talks given without joy. We are a new creation because of Jesus. We should have a sense of joy each time we talk about our amazing Saviour and what He has done in our lives. He is worthy to be discussed with passion and joy in our voices.

Make sure the tech works.

If you are using a video clip or a song to highlight or draw the audience in to your talk, make sure it works. Have the sound person run it before Club to know all is good. You don’t want a critical part of your talk to not be presented well or at all if it is not working.

What is missing from this list?  Leave a comment!

Young Life Club talks and Campaigner lessons for Spring 2014.

Young Life Club Talk Master - Spring 2014 Cover

We are starting a brand new semester of Young Life ministry.  Do you feel prepared?  If you don’t, here is a free semester of Club talks and Campaigner lessons.  Over, 1,200 people downloaded our Club talks and Campaigner lessons from the fall.  We love sharing these free resources with you!

What is included in these docs:

  • 11 Club talks and Campaigner lessons – intro talk, person of Christ talks, Sin talk, Cross talk, Resurrection talk, Appropriation talk and Walking with Christ talks
  • Background on the passage
  • Setting the scene of the Scripture passage
  • How this relates to kids
  • Campaigner questions and Campaigner questions 2.0
  • Media you can use in your Club talk or Campaigner lesson

Below are the themes and Scripture references for these Club talks:

  • The Beginning – Genesis 1
  • The Boy Jesus at the Temple – Luke 2:41-52
  • Attempt to Stone Jesus – John 10:24-39
  • The Parable of the Lost Sheep – Luke 15:3-7
  • Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand – Matthew 14:13-21
  • A Man with a Withered Hand – Matthew 12:9-14
  • The Woman Caught in Adultery – John 7:53-8:11
  • Peace and Hope – Romans 5:6-11
  • Jesus and The Doubts of Thomas – John 20:24-29
  • Do not Worry – Matthew 6:25-34
  • Messengers of Jesus – Matthew 28:16-20

Download these Club talks & Campaigner lessons in four different formats:

* Use PDF files in Adobe Reader ONLY.  Do not use Preview on Mac.

We would love your feed back or how you will use these.  Let us know!