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Don’t over theologize Young Life kids.


As Young Life leaders there is a fine line between under theologizing kids and over theologizing kids.  We don’t want to over simplify theology for kids, but we do want to present theology to kids in a way they can understand or they are not spiritually ready for, yet.  We don’t ask babies to go from crawling to running.  Then, why would we ask young believers or kids who are exploring what faith to go way deep theologically, really fast.  Kids who are in these stages need to learn how to stand theologically, walk theologically, then run theologically before you enter into the deep theological conversations you want.

Back to the basics.  This is not only an excellent book by John Miller about Young Life, but is also what we do with theology in Young Life with kids.  Think about what theology we are presenting to kids.  What is our mission in Young Life?  Make sure your mission as a Young Life leader in theology is the same of the overall mission of Young Life.

Know your audience.  I have seen t0o many Young Life leaders have theological conversations with kids that were not ready to have such conversations.  When this happens, kids can either walk away from their faith or they become a pharisee.  Neither are great for kids.

Have in-depth theological conversations, but not first with Young Life kids.  We need to talk about deep theological issues with other Young Life leaders and people from your church.  This is the right audience to have these conversations.  Have these conversations with these groups of people first.  It helps us as Young Life leaders and followers of Jesus to get our heads around our own theology, then enter in with kids.

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