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Is Email the best way to communicate?  Really?! 

If you are like me, you hate email as well.  To me it is a necessary evil.  Because so many people still use it, you most likely need to use it in some circumstances as well.  But, there are so many great alternatives.  I know you and I will still have to use it, but please can we use it less?

Email was first created to send and receive small amounts of text.  We have taken that to a new level.  It is estimated that 28% of professional Americans work day is spent using email.  What a waste of our precious time.  Just think of what more you could get done if you didn’t have to use email.

No part of email is relational.  It is a step beyond relationship.  Things like phone calls, text messages and social media all are more relational than email.

Five alternatives to email:

  1. Pick up a phone.  Yes, your smartphone actually can make calls.  This is much more relational.  You will be able to hear a tone on the question or response during your call.  This is so important.
  2. Text me please.  For 2014 I was very close to giving up on email and having an automatic response to text me with my phone number.  Try sending a text first.  Also, many text message services have received and read notifications.
  3. Go social.  There is more of a relational response to social media than email.  Send a DM tweet, a Facebook message, share a picture on Instagram as a message.  I guarantee you will get a better and quicker response.
  4. Use a group messaging service.  All of the team leaders, staff associates and office admins are using Slack group messaging app this year.  We are going to use this instead of email.  You can have group chats as well as sharing documents, pictures, videos, text, etc.
  5. Document sharing.  We use email way to much too send and receive documents.  Just because we can send documents as attachments, doesn’t mean we should.  Dropbox, iCloud, Box, Google Drive, etc.  These solutions are more secure and you can share larger file sizes.

Tips if you have to use email.

  • Keep your email short.  Try to have it be less than 5 sentences.  This will get the right response you are looking for in your email.
  • Never say something in an email that you would not say to someone face to face.  You can’t control the reaction to the email you send, but can control the content in the email.  Make sure your tone matches what you are saying.
  • Respond to email.  The biggest thing that I hate about email, is no response.  Did they get it?  Did they see the email I sent?  If you get an email, respond to it even if it does not need a response.

What ways could you give up on email?  Leave a comment.