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4 Digital Resources all Young Life leaders should have.

Our lives have been transformed by technology over the last few years.  With the launch of smart phone and tablets, the way in which we consume media and content has completely changed.  We have the ability to have digital resources at our finger tips.  Why not have some digital resources at your finger tips to be a better Young Life leader.


As Young Life leaders, we are continually on the go with kids.  We pursue relationships with kids.  We get to have some amazing conversations with kids.  We need to have resources at our finger tips to help us do these things.  Here are a few.

Here are the digital resources we suggest:

  1. Growing Leaders Podcast – Tim Elmore is a gifted teacher looking at the millennial generation and how they are impacting our world.  They do a great podcast and have amazing materials you can use with staff, leaders and kids.  Download the episodes in your favorite podcast app.
  2. The book ‘Letters to a Young Life Leader‘ in a digital copy – Some moments as a Young Life leader can be difficult and challenging.  You will want to be motivated and inspired during these times.  Letters to a Young Life Leader does just that.  Having a digital copy, means you can read it anywhere.  With short and inspiring letters, it is a must have for all Young Life leaders.
  3. The book/resource ‘Lifting Up Jesus in Every Talk as We Proclaim His GospelTy Saltzgiver has a great book/booklet that will help you plan and execute great Young Life talks.  It can also help you in conversations with kids and leaders around amazing stories of Jesus in the Bible.  Get the digital copy and have it in your favorite book reading app.
  4. Campaigners Training Digital Resources – If you are leading Campaigners, you know that sometimes it does not go according to plan or you might need additional resources as a leader to excellent Campaigner ministry with kids.  There are some great Campaigner lessons on this web page.  Load up your smart phone or tablet with these PDF documents and you will be good to go.

What else is in your digital arsenal as a Young Life leader?  Leave a comment.

What is YL Digital?

This is a website for Young Life leaders, staff, committee and community members.  Our world and ministry is continually changing, we need to do ministry in the digital world.  These resources are for Club, Contact Work, Campaigners, Camp and Committee.  Our vision is to create and share digital resource to use in our Young Life ministries.

Do you have some high quality materials your would like to share with others?  Email them – yldigital@gmail.com