Young Life & Social Media – Best Practices

When do kids most often check their Social Media?
In my opinion kids most often check their Facebook news feeds one hour before school starts, right after school ends and between 8-9pm in your time zone.

Young Life Facebook Pages
If you have tradition Young Life ministries and specialized ministries (Capernaum     or YoungLives), you may want a separate page for each of your specialized ministries.  Often, in a Young Life area there is little interaction between your traditional ministries and your specialized ministries.  It is important to people that are involved in your specialized ministries to also be connected to your traditional area Facebook Page.

If you are in an area with only one high school and one jr. high, then I would suggest to stay with a Facebook Page as you primary Facebook use case.  If you are looking to grow into more schools, you will want to use Facebook Groups along with your Facebook Page.

Young Life Facebook Groups
Create the new group three to four weeks away from when the first Young Life club starts back for the year.  This gives you time to get people connected to the group and time to promote the first club of the year.  If you create it earlier than this you will not engage kids in the right time frame.  If you create it later, you might not get everyone one connected by the time the first club begins.

Have the Young Life leaders on your team help invite kids into this new group each year.  This will help you not leave anyone out from being invited.  Because you need to be friends with someone on Facebook to invite them to a Facebook group.  You may not be personally friends with every kid that attends club on Facebook, but our hope is that one of your leaders is connected to them on Facebook.

When creating a Facebook Group for your Campaigner group, use the: School Name, the gender of the group and their graduation year.  If it is a mixed gender Campaigner group, leave the gender off.  Especially, when you have freshman in a Campaigner group.  They are already self conscious in being freshman, we don’t need to continually remind them of that fact.  This way you don’t have to change the name of the group for each school year.

If you have some closed groups for your leadership team & have other staff than yourself in your area, make the other staff in your area the administrators of the group.  As an Area Director it is important for you to be an administrator of the group as well.

Create a Facebook Group for your entire leadership team (all your club teams together, if you have multiple clubs).  Having all your leaders under one group gives you the ability to share important and sometimes sensitive information to your entire leadership team.

You also have to option of having additional groups for individual Club teams.  By having individual club teams with individual Facebook Groups, you are able to collaborate easily on a document hosted on your Facebook Group.  This is a great way to share weekly Club plans with your leadership team.

In the fall/winter we do a Christmas Alumni Club for former students and in the spring we promote Summer Staff.  We do all this is through our Young Life Alumni Facebook Group.

Young Life Facebook Events
The easiest place to start with Facebook Events is for club.  You can engage an audience already connect to you and other leaders.  When creating an event join your leaders who will be leading the event with you as admins on the event.

Young Life Twitter #Hashtags
Give kids and leaders an official Hashtag for a club, event and/or camp trip.  That way everyone can see what everyone else is saying about a specific Young Life related thing.

Using a Hashtag for a Young Life specific event can help you get quotes from kids you can use in newsletters, on your M-Site, in an Emma Newsletter, ETC.  You will be able to search for the Hashtag after the event is over to find these quotes from kids.

Ideas for Young Life Twitter Lists

  • Young Life Kids
  • Young Life Leaders
  • Young Life Staff & other Young Life areas
  • Young Life Committee Members
  • Young Life Resources

Have an idea for a Young Life Social Media Best Practice?  Leave a comment on our Facebook Page ( or tweet us (

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