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Young Life Club talks and Campaigner lessons for this semester.

A new semester of Young Life is upon us.  This means Clubs are starting and Campaigner groups are back together.  So, what is your plan for Club talks and Campaigner lessons this fall?

2013-14 Club Talks Cover

What do they offer?

  • Complete Club Talks with three scripture versions (NIV, NCV & The Message) in each talk.
  • Each Club talk has – points you can make in your talk, background around the passage, setting the scene and how it relates to kids.
  • A great Campaigner lesson around each Club talk.  Each talk also offers Campaigner questions 2.0 – for a more advanced discussion.
  • Most talks offer a video clip that could be used.

Download different versions here:

  • Print PDF Version – This version is made to be printed out used.  It has QR Codes you can scan with links to the Club talk videos.
  • Interactive PDF Version – This version is a larger file with imbedded video for the Club talks.  It is best viewed on a computer in Adobe Reader.

Let me know if you need any help.

Jesus and Young Life Team Ministry.

Jesus uses this parable in Matthew 25 to illustrate a great leadership principle.  Every Young Life leader is not created equal.  Jesus doesn’t give equal responsibilities to all three of these servants.  He gives them responsibility based on their talents.

screenshot_111In Young Life ministry, we sometimes get trapped on where we invest our time with our leaders.  Sometimes we spend more time convincing Young Life leaders to stay, rather than with our best and most talent leaders.  We often mistake fairness with value.  All leaders are gifted and invested in our Young Life areas in different ways.

Download the interactive form here for your leaders/team leaders:

This form works best with Adobe Reader.

Have any ideas around team ministry?  Leave a comment.