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3 Social Media tips for Young Life ministry.

Here are three recent social media tips I came across, that I would love to share with you to help you communicate Young Life in your area.  They were helpful for me.  Maybe, they will be helpful for you.

1. Use your own image when posting a link to a file on your Young Life Facebook page.  I use Dropbox to share documents online, including our Young Life area Facebook page.  When you share a link for your Dropbox document on your Facebook page, you will get a couple of image options you can use to go along with your link.  Most of the time it is not an image of the file or anything you want to use.  You can replace the image to a JPG of your document you are linking.  Here is how:

Step 1 – Take a screen shot of your document and save it as a JPG file.

Step 2 – Write the text to go along with your Facebook post for your linked document.

facebook 1

Step 3 – Paste in your Dropbox link for the file you want to share.  This will work with Dropbox and other sharing services as well.

facebook 2

Step 4 – Click the Upload Image under the image options, outlined in red and upload the image of the file or your area Young Life logo.

facebook 2 - update image

Step 5 – Verify your image is correct and then you can post.

facebook 3

2. Use the service IFTT to post Instagram pictures and video to your Young Life Facebook page.  Instagram is a great way to capture and share pictures and videos from Club, Campaigners, Camp, Contact Work, etc.  But, Instagram does not allow you to post directly to your Young Life area Facebook page.  It will allow you to post to a personal Facebook account and to Twitter.  By using the service If This Then That, you can link any picture or video posted from your area Instagram account to your area Facebook page.  Your Young Life Facebook page has your biggest audience, you want to share the most relevant pictures and videos there.

3. It is time to update your cover picture on your Young Life Facebook page.  If you still have a picture of summer camp on your area Young Life Facebook page cover photo, it is time to update it.  If you have a good fall camp picture or beginning of the fall picture, use one of these to replace your cover picture on your Young Life area Facebook page.  Nothing says outdated on Facebook like a picture from June at the end of October.  A good rule of thumb is to update your Facebook page cover picture at least 6 times per year.

Do you have more Social Media Tips and Trick you would like to pass along?  Please, leave a comment.

Technology and your Young Life Club room.

One of the main questions I get is around Young Life Club and how to set it up with technology at YL Digital.  So, today is showing you our new step up for our area Club room and what you can do to simplify your tech set up in your Club room.  There are many different configurations that you can have, this is one of many.

When is comes to Young Life Club and technology, you want to limit the amount of resources and devices you are going to use.  The more you add to the technology in Club, the greater chance it won’t work when it needs to in Club.  The more apps or resource you have to use in Club, the more complicated you make it.

One of the biggest questions around Club rooms in 2013, is – Do you have an internet connection?  If you do, great.  If you don’t you will need do more planning than if you do.

Apps we use on our iPads for Young Life Club:

  • Spotify – We use Spotify to run music for all of our music for Club skits, games, mixers, minutes, leader skits, kid skits, etc.  One of the great things about using Spotify for Club playlists.  For our Club’s that don’t have an internet connection, they open Spotify on an internet connection before Club and download new playlists onto the iPad.  Then, at Club when they don’t have an internet connection they can play updated music.
  • Keynote – Keynote is Apple’s presentation software.  It is one powerful mobile software.  It is $9.99 on the Apple App Store.  One of the best features of Keynote is the presentation mode.
  • Dropbox – This is the best way to get information to all of our team leaders at the same time.  We use Dropbox for music slides, videos for Club talks and announcement slides.  Dropbox will give you a free account worth of 2 gigabytes for free.  If you are using Dropbox for things like Club talk videos, music slides, etc; the 2 gigabytes of free space should cover you.  You can also get a paid account, if 2 gigabytes is not enough for you.

Leave a comment with your suggestions around Young Life Club room tech set ups.  I would love to hear from you.