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Going all in with Spotify for Young Life Club music this year.

Spotify is a music steaming service.  The thing that makes Spotify great is that you can find any track on the face of the planet.  It is a fee based service (if you choose) that lets you access any song.  You can create playlists, share your playlists and if you pay for a subscription you can download songs for offline listening.

I found that we were purchasing so many songs through iTunes each month for our Young Life area.  When evaluating the difference between purchasing iTunes content and subscribing to a fee based service (like Spotify), for me it was an easy decision.  I went with the premium user account for $9.99 a month, which will allow you to download songs for offline listening.  Many of our Clubs meet in locations where there is no internet.  This helps us to ensure great music each week at Club.  There is also an Unlimited plan for $4.99 per month that takes out adds, unlimited streaming and free radio on your mobile device.  Go with the premium, it is the best value.

Who is the base case for a Spotify user for Young Life Club?

1. If you are starting out.  If you are starting a new Young Life area or Club, Spotify will create an instant music collection for you.  You will have endless song choices without spending hundreds of dollars for music for Club.

2. If you don’t have a music strategy.  If find that many Young Life areas don’t have a strategy or guidelines for music that is played at Club each week.  We need to have a filtering system for music being played at Club each week.  Spotify might help give you that strategy.

3. You want to make sure the appropriate music is played at Club each week.  If you have been around Young Life for sometime, you have heard an inappropriate song being played at Club.  Many times it is the case of a leader or a kid playing a song at Club that should not be played.  We have made a rule in our area that the ONLY music that can be played at Club needs to be on one of our Young Life area iPads.

List of Spotify Club playlists:

Here are some Spotify Club playlists that we have created to share with you.  The ones by year, are the top songs of that specific year.  The ones with “Club” in their name, are current song playlists.  We added a couple bonuses at the bottom.


2011 – Part 1

2011 – Part 2




1980’s Club Lists

This year:

Club 1

Club 2

Club 3


YL Artist

Young Life Music Newsletter – This is from the Young Life National Music Newsletter playlist.

YL Club – This is from Carter Riner

Do you have other ways you use Spotify in your Young Life area?  Do you have a Club playlist on Spotify you would like to share?  Leave a comment!