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Young Life Club Talks and Campaigners for Fall 2014.

YLQC Cover Fall 2014

I know we are already in the start of the Young Life ministry year.  But better late than never, some would say.  So I wanted to share with you our Young Life area’s Club Talks & Campaigner Lessons for this fall.  If they are useful to you, we would love for you to have them.

My goal is to create great content that Young Life leaders can use to tell the amazing story of Jesus Christ to kids.  To me, in Young Life Club, there is nothing more important that we do to tell God’s amazing love story in a compelling way each week.  Creating these is one of the most important things I do each semester.  I hope they are helpful you you.

Outline for the semester:

  • Who is God?  Why did He create? –  Acts 17:24-28a & Genesis 5:1-2
  • The Temptation of Jesus – Luke 4:1-13
  •  Jesus Cleanses the Temple – Mark 11:15-19
  • Jesus Heals the Paralytic – Mark 2:1-12
  • Peter Falls Asleep (Need/Sin Talk) – Mark 14:32-41
  • Cross Talk  – Mark 15:21-32
  • Resurrection Talk – Mark 16:1-8
  • Rich Young Ruler (Appropriation Talk) – Mark 10:17-22
  • Parable of the Sower – Mark 4:1-9 & 13-20
  • Christmas Club Talk #1:
    • An Angel and Mary – Luke 1:26-38
    • An Angel and Joseph – Matthew 1:18-25
    • The Birth of Jesus – Luke 2:1-7
  • Christmas Club Talk #2:
    • The Shepherds and the Angels – Luke 2:8-20
    • The Visit of the Magi – Matthew 2:1-12
    • The Escape to Egypt – Matthew 2:13-16

Download links to the three types of files:

*Below are the download links for three different versions of the same file.  The PDF file can be opened and viewed anywhere.  The ePub version will work on all eReaders, except the Kindle.  Use the Kindle version for all Kindle readers.

Let me know if you have any trouble downloading any of the files.  I would love to know what you think!  Leave a comment.

Young Life Christmas Club Talk #2 & More

Here is the second installment of our Young Life Christmas Club talks.  In this Christmas Club talk we focus on the shepherds, magi and the escape to Egypt.  Here are the main Scripture passages that we talk about:

  • The Shepherds and the Angels – Luke 2:8-20
  • The Visit of the Magi – Matthew 2:1-12
  • The Escape to Egypt – Matthew 2:13-16


Download Young Life Christmas Club talk #2, click HERE!

If you have only one Christmas Club talk, you can combine the two talks into one talk.  Below is a link to some slides that used in a combined Club talk.  This hits the main points, but hits all the main characters and themes.

Download a Keynote of Christmas Club Talks #1 & #2 combined, click HERE!

Here are two Spotify playlist for your Christmas Club:

We would love your feedback!  Leave a comment!

Young Life Christmas Club Talk #1

Can we make the assumption in today’s culture that kids have heard the birth story of Jesus?  Some might have, but others have not.  The post modern/post-Chirtsian world in which kids live in, they might know pieces of the story, but not the real story of Jesus.

This is a great opportunity as Young Life leaders to present the person of Jesus in His birth story to kids.  We as Young Life leaders will need to work hard to direct kids to the truth of the story.  Besides the story of the cross, no other story has had so many incorrect facts associated with it.  Give kids the true facts about the story of Jesus’ birth.  Tell the narrative of the story in a compelling way.


These talks are purposely split into two different talks.  There is to much to cover in an excellent way in just one talk.  Young Life Christmas Club talk #1 focuses on Joseph, Mary, them traveling to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.  Young Life Christmas Club talk #2 focuses on the Shepherds, Magi and the flee to Egypt.

DOWNLOAD Young Life Christmas Club Talk #1 HERE.  I will load Christmas Club talk #2 the week of Monday, December 2nd.

How do you tell the Christmas story to kids in Young Life Club talks?  Leave a comment.