Check your Young Life social media stats and adjust.


What is the best response of your social media posts?  When was the best time you posted content on a social media platform over the last week or month?  What had the biggest social media impressions of the content you posted?  Is it text, a link, a photo, a video, etc?  These are a few of the questions you should be asking on a monthly basis around social media for your Young Life ministry.  It is good to monthly take a few minutes and see what is working.

I know that our Young Life area gets the most likes on our Young Life Instagram account right now, more than any other social media platforms.  So it is key that we post often on Instagram for our Young Life area.  We have 679 Facebook likes on our Young Life Quad Cities Facebook Page.  If I post text on your Young Life Facebook page, we will get between 60-100 views.  If I post a video on your Young Life Facebook page we will get 100-200 views.  If I post a picture on your Young Life Facebook page we will get between 100-400 views, with most pictures lately getting between 200-400 views.

As I have said before, sometimes it is more important on when you post than what you post.  Check when you get the biggest response and what content gets the biggest response.  Also, know what audience you are trying to reach and when is the best time to reach them.

Facebook Page Stats – Facebook recently updated their Facebook page insights area.  It is much improved.  A couple of my favorite places to view on the “See Insights” panel (on the top of your Facebook page) are Reach, Posts & People.  These will give you a good vision of where you are and what gets the best response on your Young Life area’s Facebook page.

Twitter Stats –  Here are a couple of services you can use to get a good picture of your Twitter stats: TweetStats, Tweetails and/or Followerwonk.  These will help you to see what type of tweets get the most response.

I try to use a 1:1 ratio of my own tweets and retweets of other people.  This will help build your audience on your Young Life area’s Twitter account and show your interest in the community around your Young Life ministry.  You can use a program like Buffer to help spread out your tweets.  Also, follow important people and organizations in your community.

Make sure most of your tweets have picture or a link with them.  This will help create a better response on our Young Life area Twitter account.  You are giving your followers something more than just text.

Instagram Stats –  Use services like Statigram and/or Statigram to know what your stats are on Instagram.  This will help you know your reach on Instagram beyond your followers.  You will also know and see what types of pictures and/or videos get the most response.

You will want to see if videos or photos get the best response on Instagram.  My guess is that it is photos, but what type of photos and who are in the photos that get the best response.  Make sure to link people in your post.

What social media stat tools do you use?  What are some tips & tricks that you use to create an audience around the social media platforms for your Young Life area?  Leave a comment.

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2 responses to “Check your Young Life social media stats and adjust.

  • David Pressgrove

    Tagging kids in photos on Facebook also jumps the views by quite a bit. Even if it’s not always YL kids seeing it, there are adults in the community and families of YL kids seeing what we are doing. I realize that for kid connection we need to use Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat (bleh) to reach kids. With that said, we are in a small community, and our Facebook page has the second most likes of any page in our community (second to the newspaper), so a lot of time those posts are a PR move for us.

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