Gospel Synopsis for Young Life leaders.

Gospel SynopsisWhen preparing an excellent Young Life Club talk, it is important to know the background of the scripture passage you are presenting.  Knowing the author of the Gospel and to what audience they are presenting it to, will help you deliver a better Young Life Club talk.


  • Audience – Jews
  • Author – Tax collector and apostle. Also known as “Levi.”
  • Date Written – 37-68 A.D.  Probably written after Mark.
  • Depiction of Jesus – King of the Jews
  • Key Words – Kingdom, Fulfill
  • Key Verse – Matthew 27:37
  • Characteristics – Evidence to prove Jesus was the promised Messiah.


  • Audience – Romans
  • Author – Missionary with Barnabus and Paul. Called a son by Peter.
  • Date Written – 40-65 A.D. Probably the 1st gospel written.
  • Depiction of Jesus – Powerful Servant of God
  • Key Words – Immediately, Authority
  • Key Verse – Mark 10:45
  • Characteristics – Fast paced and visual.


  • Audience – Greeks
  • Author – Greek doctor who travelled with Paul. Wrote Acts as sequel
  • Date Written – 59-61 A.D. Probably written after Mark and Matthew. (Luke 1:1-3)
  • Depiction of Jesus – Perfect Savior of Man
  • Key Words – Son of Man
  • Key Verse – Luke 19:10
  • Characteristics – Careful and historical.


  • Audience – Gentile Christians
  • Author – Fisherman, apostle, and elder. Wrote 5 NT books. Died at an old age.
  • Date Written – 80-98 A.D. The last gospel written.
  • Depiction of Jesus – Son of God
  • Key Words – Believe, Life, World, Father, Son
  • Key Verse – John 3:16
  • Characteristics – The gospel of belief.

Download this as a PDF to share with your leaders, HERE.

What is missing from this list?  Leave a comment!

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