Young Life Christmas Club Talk #2 & More

Here is the second installment of our Young Life Christmas Club talks.  In this Christmas Club talk we focus on the shepherds, magi and the escape to Egypt.  Here are the main Scripture passages that we talk about:

  • The Shepherds and the Angels – Luke 2:8-20
  • The Visit of the Magi – Matthew 2:1-12
  • The Escape to Egypt – Matthew 2:13-16


Download Young Life Christmas Club talk #2, click HERE!

If you have only one Christmas Club talk, you can combine the two talks into one talk.  Below is a link to some slides that used in a combined Club talk.  This hits the main points, but hits all the main characters and themes.

Download a Keynote of Christmas Club Talks #1 & #2 combined, click HERE!

Here are two Spotify playlist for your Christmas Club:

We would love your feedback!  Leave a comment!

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