Young Life Christmas Club Talk #1

Can we make the assumption in today’s culture that kids have heard the birth story of Jesus?  Some might have, but others have not.  The post modern/post-Chirtsian world in which kids live in, they might know pieces of the story, but not the real story of Jesus.

This is a great opportunity as Young Life leaders to present the person of Jesus in His birth story to kids.  We as Young Life leaders will need to work hard to direct kids to the truth of the story.  Besides the story of the cross, no other story has had so many incorrect facts associated with it.  Give kids the true facts about the story of Jesus’ birth.  Tell the narrative of the story in a compelling way.


These talks are purposely split into two different talks.  There is to much to cover in an excellent way in just one talk.  Young Life Christmas Club talk #1 focuses on Joseph, Mary, them traveling to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.  Young Life Christmas Club talk #2 focuses on the Shepherds, Magi and the flee to Egypt.

DOWNLOAD Young Life Christmas Club Talk #1 HERE.  I will load Christmas Club talk #2 the week of Monday, December 2nd.

How do you tell the Christmas story to kids in Young Life Club talks?  Leave a comment.

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