Should you compare Young Life camp Clubs with your local area Clubs?

Each summer I hear form leader, we should have our area Clubs like Clubs at summer Young Life camp.  You are fired up after an amazing week of Young Life camp and you want to change to make your Club better.  Thought there are many great aspects of the summer camp Club you can bring back to your local Club, be aware it won’t be the same.


The local Club and the summer camp Club are so different, I don’t think it is fair to compare the two.  There are elements in the summer camp Club, that if you tried to bring home, just won’t work.

Here is where I say you can’t compare the two:

  • A different atmosphere.  Kids will often show up early to Clubs back home, which is great.  But, they are not lining up an hour before Clubs starts like at Camp.  The whole week long atmosphere at camp is directed to amazing proclamation during the week in Club.
  • The environment.  One of the amazing things about Young Life Clubs at summer camp is that we take kids out of their environments back home (good or bad) so they can hear about Jesus.  Kids back home are coming into club with lots of things pulling for their attention.  With Clubs in our local areas, we are continually trying to get kids attention during the week.  It is not the same at summer camp.
  • The quality of the speaker.  We have amazing communicators that share at our summer camp Clubs.  Although, we strive for excellence in our local Young Life Club talks; it can be difficult to communicate in the same way as Club at camp.  The content might be the same, but the delivery will look different.
  • The quality of the program.  Gifted program directors spend months preparing for 5, 6 or 7 amazing Clubs at camp.  You get the best of the best program at a summer camp Club.  Many of skits and games you can recreate at home, but the execution and timing might not be the same.

Let me know what you think.  Leave a comment!

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