Use these Young Life wallpapers to help promote Young Life in your community.

Our Young Life logo is great design and can stand out amongst the crowd. Whether you are using the Young Life logo or your area specific logo Young Life logo, get the Young Life logo out there in your community. Mobile phones and/or tablets are a great place to flash your Young Life pride. They will be more visible than you think they are.

Why use wallpapers?

Wallpapers are a digital expression of things what we care about. If you are a Young Life leader or staff, you should want to promote the Young Life ministry you serve.  Movies, bands, organizations all use wallpapers to promote something that is new in these areas. Why not promote what you know as a Young Life leader or staff, the mission of Young Life by using mobile wallpapers.

*NOTE – to download any of these wallpaper, right click on them and choose “save image as” on your computer.

iPhone 4/4s Young Life phone Wallpapers:

iPhone 4 - YL regular Logo with tag line iPhone 4 - YL general Logo

iPhone 4 - Wyldlife regular  iPhone 4 - Young Life Capernaum iPhone 4 - Young Life College iPhone 4 - Young Lives

iPhone 5 Young Life phone Wallpapers:

iPhone 5 - YL regular Logo with tag line

iPhone 5 - YL general Logo

iPhone 5 - Wydlife regular Logo   iPhone 5 - Young Life Capernaum iPhone 5 - Young Life College iPhone 5 - Young Lives

Android Young Life phone Wallpapers:

Andriod - YL regular Logo with tag line

Android - YL general Logo

Andriod - Wyldlife regular Logo Andriod - Young Life Capernaum Andriod - Young Life College Andriod - Young Lives

iPad Young Life phone Wallpapers:

iPad - YL regular Logo with tag line

iPad - YL general Logo

iPad - Wyldlife regular Logo iPad - Young Life Capernaum iPad - Young Life College iPad - Young Lives

Want to create your own?  You can download any of these Photoshop templates below:

If you have a request for logo that was not offered here, leave a comment.

About YL Digital

This is a website for Young Life leaders, staff, committee and community members. Our world and ministry is continually changing, we need to do ministry in the digital world. These resources are for Club, Contact Work, Campaigners, Camp and Committee. Our vision is to create and share digital resource to use in our Young Life ministries. View all posts by YL Digital

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