The modern day Young Life Club Card.

Club Cards have been a tradition in Young Life ministry for decades.  It is the way we collect information about kids in Club each way.  So what should be on those Club Cards, this year.

The idea that you can go in and use the same Club Card format from year to year, is not innovative and not culturally relevant.  Every fall you should evaluate what needs to be on the Club Card and make those changes.  What information is the most helpful to you and your Young Life area?

With the fall kicking off, one thing I have looked at is, does an electronic form of the Young Life Club Card make sense.  What I have found with tons of kids attending the first Clubs of the year, it is difficult to have enough electronic resources to collect the information in a quick manner.  Electronic Club Cards (in my opinion) work the best when you only need to collect a few peoples information at a time.  The fall kick off Club is not a place to try the electronic Club card.  But, throughout the year (after the first Club) use an electronic Club card each week.

Here are a couple links to the Club Card we use in our Young Life area:

A main reason we use our own Club cards in the fall, is we use Ministry Manager to collect and input our Young Life area information.  Ministry Manager system revolves around the parent information of each kid.  This is why we use our own Club card in a paper format in the fall, because we need to have accurate parent and kid information.  It is important to have the right way to collect information for the data management system you use.

Here are some ways you can use technology to help with collecting information from kids:

  1. Have kids text it in.  We use the texting messaging service EZtexting for Young Life Club, Camp, Campaigners, etc.  You could set up a keyword where kids can text in their info.  You get 160 characters in which you can collect their info.  Kids can send more information to you.  You can also have kids text it to the Club leaders phone if you would like as well.  If you are interested in how the keyword is used, text YLQC to 31313.
  2. Use a Google formCreate a Google Docs Form and have a bunch of places for kids to type in their information.  You would need multiple computers and tablets.  The great thing about using a Google Form is that it will be able to use it on any platform.
  3. Use your iPad with Bento.  Bento is a Mac & iPad app that is a simple and complex database.  If you are using it for collecting Club card information, you can have the same database and share the same database on multiple devices.  You can pre load the information you have for each kid in and have them update it, as well as having new kids create new records.

Do you have any other Club card resources?  Leave a comment.

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3 responses to “The modern day Young Life Club Card.

  • whitetieent

    We used google docs for the first time at club last night. Very basic info moved fairly quickly. Was able to print off names for club drawing and will be very easy to export to *.csv and then import into my contacts for texting purposes. If anyone would like to see our form send me an email and I’ll be happy to share it.

  • Felipe Contreras

    How is the keyword used in Ez Texting?? It tried texting it but must have taken it down. I’m on staff in Santa Barbara, CA. I’m considering using it. thansk

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