Three resources for writing amazing Young Life Club talks.

I am in the midst of writing our Club talks for the fall for our Young Life area.  It is always an overwhelming and inspiring time.  It is a prayerful time of thinking about the kids that will hearing these talks.  But, I get to see how God creates and transforms His word in my heart.

As a staff team we outline the talks then add in four elements to each club talk

  1. Where kids are at in relationship with the scripture?
  2. Campaigner Questions
  3. Thoughts on the passage (exegesis)
  4. Media to use in your talk

When it comes to the scripture versions to use in our Club talks and Campaigners lessons, we have landed on NIV (updated version) and The Message.  We are going with the updated NIV version, because the Bibles kids are getting at camp this summer are NIV.  In previous years when the camp Bibles were TNIV, we would use that version.  We use The Message (which I know may have some controversy for some of you), because it is the best paraphrase of the Bible out there.

So here are the resources I use when creating club talks for our Young Life area:

1. New Bible Commentary.  This is a great and low cost bible commentary that goes in depth, but not over your head.  The language is easy to understand.

2. Glo Bible software.  I love this software.  You can download it on your computer, iPad and iPhone.  There is a free version, but it is worth the $34.99 for the premium edition.  You can put it on up to 5 devices.  The interactivity with this software is amazing.  With interactive maps, videos, etc; it makes the Bible come alive.

3. NIV Youth Quest Study Bible: The Question and Answer Bible.  I often get stuck with creating great Campaigner questions around my scripture passage.  This is a great place

What resources do you use to create excellent Young Life Club talks in your ministry?  Share your resources by leaving a comment.

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One response to “Three resources for writing amazing Young Life Club talks.

  • Steve Woods

    I’ve found The Serendipity NIV Bible to also be very helpful. It lists great discussion questions for each passage.

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